6006 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Lansing MI 48911 (map)
(co-located with The Camera Shop)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 to 3 and
                        by appointment
Phone: (517) 393-4402
Email: info@customphotousa.com
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Welcome to Custom Photo!
I'm Bill Harrison. My wife Linda and I have owned and operated Custom Photographic for over thirty years.

You won't find many businesses where each order receives the owner's personal attention, but that's what you get here. When you bring in a special image from your digital camera to be enlarged, or a precious old family photo to be reproduced, I'll make sure that every detail and every sublety of tone and color is perfectly expressed in the final print. Sure, our equipment is the latest, but it's really that personal attention, and the benefit of all those years of experience, that bring people to Custom. And we've guaranteed every job since the day we opened.

The links above will take you to pages which describe each of our services in detail, but don't hesitate to contact me if you have a project which you'd like to discuss personally. My phone number is (517) 393-4402 and my email address is bill@customphotousa.com.

Thanks for visiting our web site. We hope to see you soon.

Display-quality prints from your photographs are our specialty.

Our other services inlcude:

Copying and restoring photos and graphics of all kinds.

Reproducing original artworks, such as paintings, watercolors and drawings.

 Retouching and general Photoshop work, including replacing backgrounds and adding or removing people.

Individual and small-group instruction in Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom programs.

Transfering 35mm slides, including large collections, to digital video and image files.

Converting video tapes in almost all formats and 8mm and 16mm movie film to DVD video.

Converting cassette and reel-to-reel audio tapes to CD.

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer. Mouse over
the image above and click the right-arrow to see
some of my latest photos. If you're on Flickr, stop by www.flickr.com/podsville and say hi!
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