Archival reproductions of photographs and works of art

Our archival reproduction service includes both new prints of the highest quality and the optimized digital images from which they were made.

We begin by scanning your original to create a high-bit digital image. This untouched image is always duplicated to a new image layer before any retouching or tonal correction is applied.

Then we work to shape the tones and colors to make the best possible reproduction of your original. Minor retouching is also included so that spots and scrathes won't mar its appearance.

Next we make prints to your order on our archival printer, and copy the digital image to a CD. The CD helps to ensure the preservation of the image in coming years, and also lets you make additional prints of any size at any time in the future.

Archival Reproduction Prices
(from 8X10 or smaller originals,
including minor retouching)

Scan, CD and 5X7 print: $21.00
Additional 5X7 prints: $7.25 each

Scan, CD and 8X10 print: $28.00
Additional 8X10 prints: $10.50 each

For details about reproducing printings and other works of art, click here.

The image on this print had almost faded away, but the blue channel of the scan, after careful intensification, revealed a surprising amount of roundness and modeling in the faces.

The image was then "colorized" in Photoshop.

If even a little of the original color is left, it's sometimes possible to restore it to its original vibrance.
Of course, an heirloom photo doesn't have to be faded or torn in order for us to make an excellent archival reproduction!

One of the joys of this business is seeing and copying beautiful photographs which are still in perfect condition many decades after they were produced.

In addition to reproducing photo prints of every size and shape, we can also work with negatives in now-obsolete formats, like there wonderful examples on roll-film from the flapper era.
We've had plenty of experience reproducing images from glass plates, tintypes, and just about every other photographic medium.
Custom Photo can also reproduce works of art. At left above is the image of a painting on canvas. The original is approximately 16X20 inches. You can see from the detail on the right that every brush stroke, as well as the texture of the canvas, has been captured in the digital image.

What you can't see on your computer screen is that our print of this image matches each color in the original very closely, but you can verify this for yourself If you come to our shop. We have both the original painting and our reproduction available for your inspection.

Scanning an original work of art and adjusting the colors in the digital image with reference to the original until a highly accurate match is obtained usually costs between fifty and one hundred dollars, depending on the size of the original and other factors. We'll give you a firm quote after we've seen the piece you wish to reproduce. After these adjustments are made to the digital image, prints can be made from it at any time and are priced according to our regular custom price schedule, which is shown at the top of our enlargement page. Additional discouts are available if you order several prints at the same time. And because our archival printing process is very consistent, the prints we make for you in a week or a month will match the ones we make today.