Display-quality enlargements
from digital camera images

Our specialty has always been custom photographic enlargements. Over more than thirty years we've made tens of thousands of them for homes, offices, gallery exhibitions and trade shows.

The digital revolution in photographic technology has made it possible to precisely control the appearance of the printed image. That makes image preparation the most critical step in the digital printing process. By carefully adjusting white and black points, gamma, color balance, saturation and other parameters, each photographic image can be printed to its best advantage. That's the essential difference between a "straight" print and a Custom Photo print.

Custom printing also means making sure that each image is treated exactly as you want it to be. You might prefer light or dark tones, soft or vibrant colors. We'll work with you to make sure that the final product is just what you envision.

Custom Print Prices

"Add'l" refers to second and third prints made from the same image at the same time. Further discounts apply to quantities of four or more identical prints. Please call us at (517) 393-4402 for details.


First print: $12.50
Add'l print: $8.50


First print: $16.75
Add'l print: $11.25


First print: $29.00
Add'l print: $20.00


First print: $34.00
Add'l print: $23.80


First print: $67.00
Add'l print: $46.50


First print: $90.00
Add'l print: $65.00

Are these Giclée prints?


Giclée ("jhee-clay") is just a fancy-sounding term for ink-jet prints made on professional equipment using a very small droplet size and permanent pigment-based inks, and our Epson Pro 7800 meets all the requirements.

Image preparation

He's a handsome fellow, that's for sure. But he really needs to be brightened up, and then maybe we can adjust the tones around the eyes to give them more emphasis.

This is an example of the personal attention each image receives at Custom Photo.

Mandrill at Potter Park Zoo, taken with an Olympus E-420.
Photo by Bill Harrison.

We love RAW files!

We can make improvements to just about any image file, but starting from "raw" format gives us the greatest scope. These examples show the same raw file processed by two different programs. Bring us your "raws" and let us show you what we can do.

HDR too!

We can combine several exposures of the same scene to produce dramatic High Dynamic Range images like the example on the left. Stop in and we'll show you how to get started in HDR photography.

The proper color and tonal adjustments bring digital camera images to life.

Sometimes the "corrections" which automatic printers apply are an improvement, and other times they're a disaster. At Custom Photo we guarantee excellent results every time.

Tonal adjustments can intensify the mood of a photo as well as its colors and textures.