Retouching, image enhancement, photo-composition and other image editing services

Replacing the headlight on a junker truck with a cat's eye, and matching the eye color to the truck's paint job, is all in a day's work here at Custom Photo.

Expert color and tonal adjustments are included in the price of each custom enlargement, but sometimes a little extra Photoshop magic is needed. Common examples are replacing a background, adding or removing someone in a group photo, and "head swaps" in which the best facial expressions of people in several shots are combined in the final product.

We can also apply a variety of filters to make your image look like a painting, a line drawing, or something from another galaxy. Just describe what you have in mind and I'll do my best to make it happen. If you like, you can sit beside me as we work to create in Photoshop just what you see in your mind's eye.

Photoshop work as described above is billed at the rate of one dollar per minute. I'll provide an estimate before we begin.

Here Daisy The Cat looks especially cute as she poses next to a ceramic figurine, but the background is distracting. Her eyes needed some work too.

Background knockouts are probably the most common retouching request.

Too bad the lamp wasn't turned on when this photo was taken - but we can fix that!
This ape skeleton is behind glass in a museum showcase. After a little Photoshop work, it looks like the skull was shot in a studio.
Sometimes you don't want the work you do in Photoshop to "show" - that is, you want the final product to look natural, and the changes to be undetectable. But at other times, you could say that the sky's the limit.

I call the gradient-mapped image above "Ten Minutes After The End Of Time."

This shot of the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art becomes an interesting graphic after some Photoshop trickery.
I thought the interior of the Kirk Center at Olivet College looked like an illustration by the artist Shag, but the color palette wasn't wild enough. The image on the right has been Shag-ified in Photoshop.