You can send files to Custom Photo by email or FTP

If you have one or more image files which you would like us to retouch and/or print, you can save yourself a car trip by sending them to us as email attachments or uploading them to our FTP site.

Email works fine for most compressed (.jpg) images. Just send them as attachments. The email address is:

If you wish to send very large, uncompressed files, you can upload them to us using File Transfer Protocol. You'll need an FTP program like FTP Explorer (PC) or Cyberduck (Mac). The settings are:

path: incoming
username: customphotoftp
password: fritz

If you upload something to the FTP site, please call or send an email to let me know what you need done with your image(s).

If you need help with either method, just call us at (517) 393-4402.